Awesome waves '

Brighton has it all, sun, sea and seagulls.  I'm crazy about the 1st two, not so much about the last one.  

To get the above photo was taking a bit of a risk, that I wouldn't be swept away by the amazing waves.  And I can tell you they came damm close.  

This is a image of the west pier that was destroyed by fire some years ago and was left to nature to decide its fate.  Every storm takes a tiny bit  back with it, slowly but steady.

I decided not to do the HDR in camera by taking several exposures and layering them in a application, instead doing a lot of the dramatisation in Camera RAW.

For a conversion program, its surprisingly versatile and there is a lot of tools to fool around with.  Since its a non-destructive process, you only need to remember that it hold a file beside the original file as to any changes you make.  The original remains exactly as out of camera.

I would however leave the fine tuning items such as sharpening to photoshop as that's where it comes into is own.  

Its almost like painting when your using the adjustment brush in Camera RAW.  There are many videos on the web and utube that give you more instruction should you want.

Happy Snapping!